Gol de Letra and Beatris Head against COVID 19!

Help me celebrate by helping others!

a family has food for two months
With £50
five families have food for a month
With £100
five families have food for two months
With £200
a family has food for a month
With £20
GOAL: £1500
Our strategy is to ensure prompt and thorough assistance
Take part in this effort and make a difference, with responsibility and safety.
Through this web page or direct channels, you or your company can make a donation.
The amounts will be credited to Ticket Alimentação cards, which will be distributed to the families.
People can buy food and toiletries from local vendors, giving a boost to local stores.
Now, the ball is with you.
Do you want to join this solidarity team?
Every help is more than welcome!
In times like these, any contribution is essential in order to ensure the sustenance of the families we'll be assisting.
Corporate donations
Does your company have any food items, products or services that may be useful?
Other matters
If you wish to talk to us about other ways you can help, please click here and send us an email message.
Our partners
Here are some companies that have already helped our cause.
Donor Companies
Technical Partners
Do you have any questions?
How will the donations be handed over?
The Ticket Alimentação cards will be handed over according to a scheduling system. The assisted families will be contacted and informed about the date, time and location to receive the cards.
Where will the Ticket Alimentação cards be distributed?
At first, the campaign is focusing on the communities assisted by the Gold de Letra Foundation in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Rua Carlos Seidl, nº 1141, Caju (RJ) and Rua Estevão Chopinsk, s/n, Vila Albertina (SP)), and on partner associations (Comunidade Nossa Senhor dos Pobres, located at rua Pedro Vaz Rego, 276 and AlfaEco - Espaço de Apoio em Aprendizagem, located at rua Alagoa da Roça, 96).

The area of operation may be expanded according to the volume of donations collected, something that will be defined along with Gol de Letra Foundation's partner entities in other regions of the country.
Are any fees deducted from the cards?
The discounted rate for each donation is 2.9% + BRL 0.25 for each transaction. The amount already includes payment processing costs (bank fees), anti-fraud system and financial maintenance for the donation platform. You have the option of covering the cost of this fee at the time of making the payment.
Is it safe to make a donation through the website?
We are greatly concerned with security. Doare has been working with online donation processing since 2012 and has never had a security breach that would compromise personal data. Take note of the "padlock" that is next to the website address in your browser, this indicates that the website has an SSL security certificate. All transactions are encrypted and sent directly to the payment method, we do not store sensitive data.
How can my family benefit from this campaign?
Families already registered in the Vila Albertina and Caju communities who are in a situation of social vulnerability, that is, without work or income and with health issues, will have priority when the Ticket Alimentação cards are handed over. If you have not made your registration yet, please contact Gol de Letra's Social Service: (11) 97668-3246 and (11) 97667-4694 in São Paulo, and (021) 981330530, in Rio de Janeiro.
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